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Announcement Lists in SharePoint: What Has Changed

Need to quickly get important information out to the people in your organization? Want to let them know about the "latest" happenings within your different teams, departments, and projects? You can use the Announcements list in SharePoint. We created a blog including...
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Singapore Escapade

It is a great opportunity when the company you’re currently working gives you the chance to travel outside your country. If you have been given that opportunity, it is better not to miss it especially for those who are like me that is just their first time traveling...

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Creating Content 2.0

This year we at Portal Integrators learned so much about creating content. In the last nine months, we have experimented with themes, timing, layouts. We learned to be consistent on how often we produce content. Since writing is not a skillset that comes...

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Team Awesome at Comicon Event

We are very grateful that we became a part of Asia POP COMICON. But before that what is really an Asia POP Comicon? Asia POP Comicon is the biggest annual comic and pop culture convention in the region. The event brings the ultimate fan experience with a powerhouse...

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Team Awesome Barbeque Party

We are growing up as a team, and therefore we need to establish a healthy relationship between the members we had our Team Awesome Barbeque party with our family at Morning Breeze Resort located Calamba City Laguna, Philippines last July 23, 2017. Every one of us...

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One Simple Act of Kindness

Each person has a different number of drawbacks that he or she may be facing every day. Drawbacks that exist in work, in school, or at home. Each of us may be needing help to overcome and solve challenges of life. Good thing, every one of us has this heart of kindness...

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