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SharePoint 2013 launched this quarter has been packed with features enabling users to collaborate more and easily share, making the solution almost like a social networking site – only packed with lots of business productivity features. By purchasing Yammer June this year, the technology giant was able to introduce full social networking capabilities for enterprises. Other than its boost on social, SharePoint 2013 also introduced more capabilities on its mobile platform. A number of tech enthusiasts released their own list of favorites, here’s our top three pick at Portal Integrators:


Getting newsfeeds on the things that matter to you is perhaps one of the most useful functionalities in social networks. Integrating this with SharePoint 2013 means increased productivity! In following people, sites or even documents it is easy to get updates.


The new SharePoint also let users to maintain profiles and set privacy settings, just like in Facebook or Yammer. Choose how to receive email notifications, updates from people you follow and filter activities that you only want to share. This functionality is very useful most especially in the corporate setting, where there are strict measures imposed to protect intellectual property, data and privacy.

SharePoint 2013 also takes it a notch higher in integrating SkyDrive. My Content is now replaced with Sky Drive Pro, where users can easily share documents to anyone; and sync them to be used offline. Since Sky Drive can be installed in a user’s local computer, it can be accessed through Windows Explorer, making the overall user experience much like Drop Box.


Gamification or the service design which gives users a game-like experience through incentivizing is also part of the new SharePoint. In this version, users can set-up communities where groups of people sharing a common knowledge or practice can group together giving them a sense of place and identity online. Communities’ user interface is much like Yammer – discussions can be grouped by category and posts can be identified as questions to solicit more help. Users can also rate through stars or “likes” and list like “what’s hot”, “top contributor” and “what’s happening”.

Through these communities, gamification takes its place. Achievements badges are given by moderators for each community that is linked to activities of different sort. It could be like a “Best Reply” or something with character like “Sprout”, “Sapling” or “Tree” levels in a gardening community for instance.


The mobile features of the new SharePoint also get a significant upgrade. With the new HTML5 best for mobile devices, SharePoint offers a contemporary view combining the good classic and metro look of Windows 8.

Through this, we get a clean and highly compatible user interface that works in all devices that support HTML5. In addition, the new SharePoint also supports content rendering to different devices and also runs Office Web Apps with better UI features such as bigger buttons, gesture support, content menus, and support for touch together with mouse and keyboard inputs. Other than this, the new release integrates push notifications and geolocation.

The new SharePoint combines sharing, mobility and even fun features together. With these in place, businesses can push productivity to a whole new level. If you want to know more how can SharePoint help your company, contact us at Portal Integrators.

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