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A Newbie’s Insight into Team Awesome


Programmer… A person who does programming. What comes to your mind when you hear the word programming? Is it good? Is it bad? You cannot know unless you tried. Programming is a concept that can be described as a process of making a set of instruction built to become a task to which the computer has to perform. To lighten it up, I would just like to give information about it.

When I was in college, I was coding, coding, and coding then forgot the planning phase. I failed some of my projects in Computer Programming subject because I forget to plan, I didn’t beat what is required. Now that I am working in this company, Portal Integrators Philippines Inc., I now value planning before coding because I saw how it works here. Our company is scrum-based which means that before coding, the company needs to plan the required part of a project to implement it. Benjamin Franklin supposedly once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Planning must be the first move before coding because it keeps the programmer away from mistakes that will be happening in the future, it lessens the time that the developer needs to do the coding.

Writing codes is part of programming but not merely the whole definition of it. Coding is what makes it possible for the programmer to create a program. A programmer should lessen the lines of code as possible. The lesser the lines of codes, the lower the memory will be occupied then the tendency is that the program will be efficient to use. To have proper coding, some programmer use algorithms, functions, or comments so that the people who will be maintaining the code will easily understand the coding when the bugs came.

Bugs are the error, flaw or fault in the program that causes incorrect output. It is unavoidable but can be lessened. For me, having bugs in the program is the downside of being a programmer, but it is a way to get used to the things that a program have. It will be the help of a developer to gain more knowledge in doing programming.

Those three topics that I have discussed is just a glimpse about programming.

Planning is not essential in programming but will be the great help in accomplishing it well.

Coding in a short and straightforward way is the best manner to do it

Bugs are inevitable and can be treated as a positive thing.