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Bug-Catching In a Code Jungle


Many of us programmers are very organized when it comes to developing our projects. We also conduct random checking before releasing the projects to our clients to make sure that everything is working properly. But sometimes even how many times a checking is conducted the worst enemy of the programmers still comes and it is called “BUG”.

For us programmers, bug is not just an insect but it is more than a pest because of the way it affected our works. Bugs may be a little part of the program. But it may cause a big difference on the whole project that we are currently working or most of the time when it is released to our clients.

Fixing a bug is not easy. You have be sure on your process of fixing it. That this kind of bug would never exist again.

First thing to do when “debugging” is you need to know the parts of the program that is affected by this bug and what does it do.

Then investigate your code. Find which file and what line of your code is failing. You need to know what is going wrong in your code. Check if there’s a mishandling of certain input values. Or a function that has a conflict with other functions; but sometimes some bugs are very tricky because you may notice that your codes are in a correct conditions or pattern.

The easiest way to prevent this bug from appearing is to be proper on writing of your code.

Most likely the naming of variables. Always keep in mind that you must name your variables based on what purpose or process it will do. Because it is difficult to trace bugs when variables are not in appropriate name. The next one is the indention, some of us always forget to have proper indention because we are keep continuing to finish our code and want to see the output immediately. And when the bug comes we can’t easily find where the error on your line of codes is.

It is also the best practice for us programmers to be neat on our codes especially when we are working with a team. It will also help to reduce the time and effort if they keep asking you whenever they are looking some part of you code that they needed to improve or add another function.

By this practices we can easily trace and fix bugs that we encounter and prevent them from appearing again.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Right from the start of programming, the code should be organized so that it is easier to trace, especially when fixing a bug.


Proper Naming is Important

Naming variables and functions might seem like a no-brainer part of coding but it is important for the names to be clear so that it is easier to see the purpose of the function or variable.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Neat, organized, and properly commented codes are not only pleasing to the eyes but also easier to trace. You would not be looking for a needle in a haystack when trying to find the cause of the error in the code if it is organized.

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