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Developers and Their Never-Ending Problem


What do developers do most of the time? In general, they are always working on solving problems. This is the primary purpose of our job as developers; we solve problems for our clients. All software is designed to address some user problem and within that general solution is a broad range of smaller issues that make it up. If you can’t solve problems, you won’t be very good at developing software. I always think about myself that I’m not naturally good at many things, there are many people who are smarter and better at coding than me, but I believe the key things that have helped me that I will continue to do so, is my ability to learn how to learn about a subject.

I’ve heard this question a lot, being a developer is not easy. It requires immense dedication and passion, being passionate will allow you to learn in-depth because you want to know, you are either willing to be a forever student, or you should be considering something else because as a developer you shouldn’t stop learning. Be enthusiastic; you need to enjoy programming to do it well. It’s very challenging because sometimes you’ll be dealing with long hours of work and impossible deadlines. It also requires analytical thinking, good decision making, patience and curiosity, lots of curiosity. You should have a strong desire to know or learn something. It also requires you to be self-taught. You can learn from Google or books, but when your code breaks, nobody is going help you to solve it but yourself.

As a developer, we have to be very creative when doing our job. We need to find and build a solution for any problem. This often means creating new software or applications. It’s not easy to be a developer because you should be experienced or skilled in at least one programming language and proficient in structuring and developing software code for software or a program.

Another important aspect of becoming a developer is learning how to read other people’s code. Sometimes, we have to solve problems that other developers were not able to do or that they have left some stuff undone on their code. This skill is also very essential when it comes to debugging systems because you have to know how the code works for you to be able to work on fixing it.
When you first try something, it can often be time consuming or confusing. But if you practice it enough, you will think about it with the solution; you won’t need to reflect on how to solve the problem anymore. It will just become a routine when writing code.

Problem solvers

Developers aim to always solve problems

Creative thinkers

We constantly find different means of building working software.

Code Readers

At times we have to understand other people’s code.

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