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Drive Employee Engagement with Office 365 Forms


Drive employee engagement with Office 365 Forms. Conducting employee survey is a tool companies big and small can use to engage with its employees. Although some may cringe at the idea of completing another employee survey, using surveys has shown to be one of the fastest and easiest ways for management to get feedback from its employees. Done correctly and in a timely manner, surveys offer an opportunity to open conversations between management and its employees to get better results in the workplace.

Office 365 launched Forms to public preview to its commercial subscribers last summer. Initially, a feature created for Office 365 Education, Forms make it easy for businesses to create surveys, quizzes, and polls since its an app that can easily be accessed through your Office 365 login. With Office 365 Forms, the hardest part becomes determining the questions to ask.

Using the form itself is easy with its drag and drop features. Easily choose an open-ended question, yes or no or multiple choice questions. You can also have an option to select thumbs or down or rate by stars.

After you are done creating the form, you can easily share it with your whole organization with a click of a button. No need to collect printouts or tabulate by entering the responses manually. Office 365 Forms is powered by Excel making the analysis done in real time. You can also easily do more with the data literally with a click of button to show the data in an Excel spreadsheet.

The purpose of building good working relationships and developing open communications isn’t to eliminate surveys. An employee survey serves a valuable purpose. They allow organizations to gather consistent feedback in an effective manner. Yes, organizations could conduct face-to-face surveys but it would take an incredibly long time and you would need to have some sort of consistent way of measuring comments. Surveys provide a means to collect information efficiently. Source:

There are several online forms available you can use. Survey Monkey has a free version so does Google Forms. Although these platforms have pretty robust systems for forms, if your business is on the Office 365 platform you will find yourself having to do some manual work to get all of your data in one place.

Microsoft has Office 365. It is a subscription cloud-based products that gives access to the user to a wide array of applications which include SharePoint, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and much more. Full disclosure, I have written two books – Microsoft Office 365 for Dummies and SharePoint 2016 for Dummies.

Office 365, Google Business and Apple iWork are by no means the only cloud-based apps that are available. There is now a multitude of different cloud based apps whose primary goal is to make you and I even more productive. However, for this post, I have limited it to these three since it is the most commonly used.

In this success for work series, I will be covering the different cloud-based apps by Microsoft Office 365 to boost your productivity. I will touch on the most common questions to get started with your Office 365 subscription and the different apps available.

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