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End the Churn with Office 365 Bookings


I ran a small business which means every resource needs to be accounted for as much as possible. Whenever I am able to eliminate busy work, I explore the option and if making the change would help me more productive I would gladly make the change. Booking an appointment is one area where a lot of time can be spent. The phone tag, email volley sometimes just go back and forth. This churn no matter how small adds up and next thing you know you are spending so much time booking one appointment.

This year I implemented Microsoft Bookings on our website. Microsoft Bookings is an online app bundled with Office 365 for small business. With one click I was able to get access to it with my Office 365 subscription. Microsoft Bookings is connected to the calendar of all users whose scheduled need to be booked. This means as long as I keep my calendar up to date, the bookings app will only show times when I am available to meet.

First to mind when asked what ‘the cloud’ is, a majority respond it’s either an actual cloud, the sky, or something related to weather. – Citrix Cloud Survey Guide (August 2012)

Having an automated booking system allows me to open up my calendar to potential clients right away. This is important especially potential clients who find us on the web and would like to book an initial consultation. Instead of the prospect filling a contact form inquiring about my availability, they can instead schedule a free initial consultation right away. I know whatever time they schedule it will work for me as long I keep my calendar up to date.

Microsoft Bookings also have automatic confirmation and reminder emails sent. Two administrative tasks that are important. It doesn’t take much to do it but again these little things add up.

Office 365 is from Microsoft. Office 365 is asubscription cloud-based software as a service. It gives access to the user to a wide array of applications which include SharePoint, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and much more. Full disclosure, I have written two books – Microsoft Office 365 for Dummies and SharePoint 2016 for Dummies.

In this success for work series, I will be covering the different cloud-based apps by Microsoft Office 365 to boost your productivity. I will touch on the most common questions to get started with your Office 365 subscription and the different apps available.

Next week I would go through a step by step guide on how to use Microsoft Bookings.


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