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I remember being a teenager with lots of feelings and looking for an outlet to express these when I came across WordPress. I’ve heard it from fellow angst-filled teens who were also in need of a space in the internet to voice out their feelings. Of course, a blog site was exactly what I needed to purge my teen angst and pour out my heart and soul to basically anyone on the Internet. Today’s teens have Tumblr, whereas I had WordPress.

Now that I’m basically an adult, have outgrown my teen angst stage, and working as a developer, I have come to know that there is apparently more to WordPress than just an outlet for feelings and fandoms. What I knew before as our generation’s Tumblr has apparently more to offer than just a blog space.

Many popular and commercial websites are now being built using WordPress, and it’s a sensible choice since it is much easier to build a site with WordPress than building it from scratch. The best part is that although WordPress gives you the foundation for building your website, they do not limit what you can do with it. They allow for customization with themes and functionalities so your vision for your site can easily be put into reality. Their plugin library also has thousands of useful plugins which would suit your needs, both paid and free, and they can easily be integrated into your site literally by just a click of a button. It is very user friendly and it does not require in-depth coding knowledge to get started.

We understand that for business people, time is of the essence and the sooner they can launch their website, the better. So if you are thinking of building a website, WordPress is definitely worth checking out. We, the Portal Integrators team, will also be very happy to assist with your WordPress site needs.