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Manage Your Staff Better With This App


If you are in the industry and you are in the position wherein you have to manage your staff but are struggling with this task, then you might benefit from the app that we are going to talk about this week. It is sometimes overwhelming to handle staff especially when the group is continuously growing, and they have shifting schedules. You have to make sure that there is enough staff for each shift and that they are not overworked. It is also sometimes difficult to disseminate information to your team if they are not all there. It is also sometimes hard to check in on all of them, which is essential in building camaraderie.

But did you know that all of these tasks can be simplified by this app? If you are struggling with staff management, then you might want to check out Microsoft StaffHub. StaffHub is a cloud-based app which can be accessed through the web or mobile apps, and we all know that almost all of us workers nowadays have access to the internet and have our smartphones or other portable devices with us all the time.

Microsoft StaffHub makes it easier for workers to check up on their schedules for their upcoming shifts, swap shifts with other team members, and even request time off through the app. Workers can also communicate with each other through the app by sending messages to either one person or the whole team. Employees can also easily access data or information that they need such as company announcements or updated rules. Workers will also be reminded when their shift is starting or ending soon, so they would not be overworked and burnt out.

As for the managers, they can easily view, create, and update schedules for their staff, approve or deny requests for time off or shift swap, and efficiently disseminate information to the team. It is easy to create schedules through the app since you can see right away if there are conflicts.

Industries that are already using or might benefit the most from using Microsoft StaffHub are retail, restaurants, manufacturing, and hospitality, just to name a few. If you handle a staff with shifting schedules, then you will benefit from this app.

If you are interested in using Microsoft StaffHub, this app is part of the Office 365 F1 bundle. If you just want to do a test drive with this app, they also have a free trial available so you can see for yourself if this is worth investing or not. To know more in-depth information about Microsoft StaffHub, check out their website.

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