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Outlook Beta: a Much “Beta” Email Experience


For long-time Outlook users, you will be interested in this news. Microsoft has released Outlook beta, an improved version of our favorite app, last August 8th. Since the times are changing and technological advancements are continuously happening, the way people now use email apps are also evolving, and people are now looking for more functionalities, and Microsoft has recognized this. In Outlook Beta, they added new features in which the users of this generation, as well as the older generations, will be able to utilize and enjoy. Also, these new features aim to make our Outlook experience better.

The beta version has not been rolled out to all users at this time, so you might not be able to try this out yet. To know if the beta is available for you to try, you can find the Try the beta switch at the top right of the screen where your name and icon is in the Outlook online display. If this is not yet available to you, don’t worry. Microsoft is working on rolling out the beta for all users in the coming weeks.

According to Microsoft, their team improved the design and artificial intelligence into the Outlook beta. One of the things they have improved on is the speed. Users will now have a faster experience when using Outlook. I, for one, am excited for this since I now have thousands of e-mail in my Outlook inbox literally and searching through them takes quite a while. With the beta, they upgraded the search feature so that users can go through e-mails much faster.

Microsoft also made the Outlook inbox smarter in the beta version, as it now offers Quick Suggestions as you are typing. This would be helpful when your e-mail is about suggesting places to go. For example, you want to meet with a client and you want to talk over coffee, typing up the name of the coffee place in your message will bring up the Quick Suggestions, with information about the place including the address, so that your client will know exactly where the place is.

Also, a new feature is the personalization of your inbox, wherein you can prioritize who you want to see first. Millenials will also enjoy the emojis and GIFs feature which is now available to include in your e-mail messages *insert surprised emoji here*.

Since this is still a beta version, Microsoft is still working on adding more features to other Outlook functionalities including the People and Calendar. If you are interested and want to know more about the Outlook beta, you may visit this link.

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