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Own a Professional Email Address with G Suite


Like everyone else on the internet, you most probably have an e-mail account, whether it be a personal account or for your business. And chances are, you have probably encountered a lot of those e-mail from people you don’t know, and those kind of e-mails are more commonly known as SPAM, like the canned food that we usually have for breakfast. And if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, but you still have the generic e-mail address such as, chances are your e-mail might end up not being seen as important or might even end up in the junk or spam folder.

Having a professional e-mail address is essential for the success of your business. It makes your business look as legit as it is and your e-mail would not be taken for granted. But what if you already have a generic Gmail account with already tons of important e-mails and contacts that you just could not leave behind? Well then, the answer to that problem is the G Suite Business Email.

Signing up for the G Suite Business Email will allow you to keep your e-mails and contacts while having a professional-looking e-mail address. It is basically your Gmail account upgraded. And Google will take care of the domain for you, so you won’t have to sign up for a domain hosting if you don’t have that yet, but if you already own a domain, then it is even better. So when you sign up for G Suite Business email, you will finally have a or .org e-mail address, which would look nice when communicating with your clients and especially prospects.

You will also get the following benefits when you sign up for G Suite Business Email: an increase of 30GB in your Google Drive storage, almost zero downtime, and technical support which you can reach 24/7, so you will definitely be assured that you won’t lose any precious e-mail and files with G Suite Business Email.

Now you may be interested in subscribing, but are probably thinking about how much it would cost? The answer is depending on your subscription. For example, the Google domain pricing varies based on if you’re going to use .com or other domain endings like .biz, .co, .info, etc. For the .com, however, costs only $12 for a whole year. And you can choose to opt for auto-renew or not. The good thing about this is that if you’re still unsure whether G Suite Business Email is a good fit for you or your business, then you can subscribe to the free trial. And if you’re satisfied with the trial, then you can choose to pay to continue.

For more information about the G Suite Business Email, you should check this link.

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