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Team Awesome in Action


Last May 16, 2017, we had our Team Awesome Team Outing at Camp N Nuvali located at Sta, Rosa, Laguna, Philippines. Everyone is excited on the activities that we would do. Our team availed the package B or the “All Challenge” for us to experience the extremes like Aerial Walk, Cargo Net, High Ladder, Climbing Wall, Rappel Wall, Free Fall, and the Zip line. We started by signing the registration form and waiver for us to start the courses and after the registration, we had a brief orientation on the safeties in every course to avoid injuries on all activities.

On our first course, we chose to go first on the Aerial Walk. Aerial Walk has three levels. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. The level 1 or the first stage we take it seriously. We had a hard time on balancing and gripping on the ropes. We need to maintain our focus to move on the other stage. The Level 2 of the Aerial Walk is we need to strengthen our grips and balance because it is higher that the level one and more difficult. The hard stage and the most extreme level the Level 3, we need to go on the highest level, and we need to face our fear of heights, and after we reached the top, we need to used zip lines to go back on the ground. All of the team got tired and took a break.

Next on our activity is in the Tower. The tower consists of 6 courses including the Climbing Wall, Rappel Wall, Free Fall Low, Free Fall High, Zipline Short and Zipline High. We go first on the Zipline – Long we tried it first because we find it more extreme among the courses in the Tower. Next, we tried is the Free Fall low, it is the most breathtaking course on the tower imagine that you jump on a 45 feet high tower but with a harness. We didn’t try the free fall high due to its maintenance schedule. Next on our activity is the Zipline – short, the Zipline with a twist it is like a roller coaster that is heart taking course, it seems like a short ride, but if you try to ride on the Zipline, it is more extreme that you expected. Next on our activity is the Climbing Wall, this course is more on strategy on how you can reach the top of the wall. Last on our activities is the Rappel; this course is the opposite of the Climbing Wall, we need to go back to the ground by needs of rope. We need to control our speed and avoid to bump on the wall.

After all the challenges we had passed, we had our buffet lunch and a special cold dessert that serves us by the Camp N Nuvali’s caterer. We enjoyed our outing, all of us have an unforgettable experience on all the courses, and we cherish all the happy moments on our outing.