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Team Awesome on an Awesome Event


How do we improve our Team Performance and Coordination and Effectiveness of each member of our Team? We, The Team Awesome of Portal Integrators, decided that at our next Team Event is to have a Team Building that has to do activities to improve ourselves and become a great Team Player. We decided that Camp’ N will be our next event destination because it has many activities that involve each member of the Team. It has extreme activities such as Aerial Walk, Cargo Net, High Ladder, Climbing Wall, Rappel Wall, Free Fall, Zipline, etc.

It’s our first time in Team Awesome to conduct a team building that has extreme activities. At first, We saw all pictures and videos about Camp’ N activities and the team was so excited to experience it. The Team feels excited to do the challenges awaits on our Team Building Event. We know it will be hard to finish all the obstacles like the aerial walk challenge. It has three levels: the easy one that has types of obstacles to do, then next is the normal level that has always to do is to balance through the next course and climb to the next level, and the final level is the most enjoy obstacles because you will do zipline through the ground floor.

The Team Awesome experienced the Tower course at Camp’ N. We do Rock Climbing, Free Fall and much more. The Rock Climbing is great experienced we have to climb to the top. It feels that on our ambition that we need to diligence to climb for our dreams. It results that the team is much more motivated to do great at work for ourselves and to the team.

As a team, It remind us that all hard work we do has a great reward and if we think that we can finish all the obstacles no matter what happens. It will be a great pleasure, and it will also increase the morale and also the quality of work of each member of the team. That’s why the Team Building Event is important to the team. With the help of Team Building Event, the team Awesome boosted the communication and removed the barrier of each member. It also boosts the team performance on the work.

The Team Building Event at Camp’ N is a remarkably excellent experience for us and enjoyable in every course that we were going. We feel nervous and fear when we step in on every obstacle we took but replaced a joyful smile after we completed all of it.

Quality Time

It’s great quality time to experience all activities

Fun Activities

Each Course is super enjoy that you didn’t feel the tiredness

Team Bonding

Great time for the Team to improve communication and morale.