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This is the Social Network That is Safe for the Workplace


We all know that the words social networking and the workplace are most of the time, not a right combination. Mixing your social network profile with your office life will often have a negative impact on your work. Also, it is not a good idea to share office-related stuff on your social network profile since your office stuff is confidential and should not be shared with just anyone outside of the organization. But despite this, did you know that a social networking platform was built just for the workplace? Yes, it actually exists.

Yammer is the social networking platform for your organization. It has the essential features of your typical social network, but specially designed for collaboration with your office mates. Here, it is totally safe to share office-related stuff since only people in your organization will be able to see your posts.

It is free to sign up for Yammer, so it is easy for you and your organization to get started on it. You just need to enter a valid company email, meaning you can not use your Gmail or Yahoo personal email on it. As an example, we signed up using our e-mail address.

Just like your regular social networking platform, Yammer also has feeds, and by tapping the Discovery tab, you will see all the updates in your organization, therefore if you have FOMO, then worry no more. Also, it has an intelligence feature wherein Yammer will give you updates or suggestions based on your interactions or activity on Office 365.

You can also send private messages and share files in Yammer, so collaboration within your team is made even easier. Your teammates or anyone in your organization whom you have shared your files to has the option to co-author the documents that you share.

You can also create groups for easier collaboration with your teams. For example, one of your teams is working on the project for Client A, and the other team is working for Client B. Your interactions will then be organized since the communication between two teams would not be intermingled with each other.

And if you need to involve someone who is outside of your organization, say, for example, the client, you can also add them to your conversations if needed and they will only be able to see that particular conversation. However, if this is a long-term collaboration, you can also create external networks or groups in Yammer which would accommodate your contacts outside of your organization.

And if your organization has an Office 365 subscription, then you can enjoy the integration with SharePoint, Skype Meeting Broadcast, and more. You can even see Excel files and PowerPoint slides in Yammer directly.

Yammer is free to use as long as you have a valid corporate e-mail. So, if you think your organization, or even just your team for starters, will benefit from this, feel free to sign up and get even more connected to each other.

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