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Monday Motivation – No Judgment


Some offered their opinions about the kids getting hurt based on the video. The whole thing happened in less than a minute, but that was long enough to judge. I understand that the internet was merely expressing their concerns for the safety of the children. But it was judgment nonetheless that the parents could do without.

Living in this connected world is hard enough. Whether we like it or not we are more connected than ever. Literally, we are connected. Every time we go on the internet, our keystroke, swipe, tap whatever mode of interaction one chooses, we connect ourselves to another person (some of us have more people we are connected to). The least we can do is to offer no judgement.

Last Friday the internet gave us this viral video. Many of us laughed so hard and if you are like me probably watched the video clip over and over. It was funny and relatable. A dad working from home on a video call albeit his call is on BBC. When you are on live TV and working from home, life happens. Since it is live TV, everyone had to make the best out of the situation. It was a team effort for mom and dad to get the situation under control.

As like any viral videos go, the internet will have its share of opinions. Some were quick to assume that the woman in the video is the nanny because she was Asian. Nothing wrong with being a nanny but she wasn’t, she was the mom of the kids and wife of the person getting interviewed.