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Developers Love Coffee


Have you ever thought of why most developers these days really love to work at night? Based on what we have learned from asking those programmers the reason that always has the same is that they can work much faster and think much clearer when they are working at night and most of the time they are always sleeping at daylight.

And for that reason that many programmers love to work at night. They’re the main weapon to keep their concentration and keep them awake is none other than Coffee.
Programmers like to drink coffee because for them it’s a symbol of concentration. And developers definitely need to concentrate on converting some non-trivial idea, logic, plans and all of the possible things needed into working code.
Once they place a good cup of hot coffee next to their computer, they make it clear to anyone else around them and themselves as well, that their concentration period just begins and it will take around 15 – 30 minutes. Maybe for us programmers, it’s a ritual. It’s like when we already have an idea what to add in our code we will stop drinking and continue again once we got to the point that we have to think for the next idea.

Programmers really love coffee, and for us, it’s an essential weapon that we must never forget to have in our office or maybe in our home if we are working in our own house. We also have different taste of coffee because not all of us likes the only one flavor of coffee. We are choosing the best for us that we make sure that we are comfortable to think while drinking a cup of coffee. But some also wants to explore other flavors. And when it comes to the cup, it really doesn’t matter what cup we are using as long as it can contain the heat of the coffee its fine for us to use.

Maybe you also notice that there’s a popular programming language that is also named by the name of Coffee which is Java. Java is a slang word that means coffee which is invented by James Gosling. And maybe it quickly means that the one who develop that programming language also like to take some coffee while creating a program. Because based on our research the developer of this programming language was holding a cup of coffee while building a program.

Programmers Weapon

Coffee is the programmers weapon which keep them awake while creating a code


Programmers love to work at night

Programmers are much more alive to think at night

Ideas while drinking a coffee

Programmers can clear their mind and think of many ideas while taking a cup coffee

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