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As adults, we spend most of our time in the workplace, or at least 8 hours of our day and it is a fact that stress is definitely a part of it. We have deadlines to meet and clients to please. Sometimes, or if you’re in an unfortunate situation then more often than not, the workplace can be a toxic place, especially if the people around you are also just as tense.
Which is why it is important to break the ice once in a while. They said laughter is the best medicine, and I, for one, find it to be true since it is a good remedy for stress especially in the workplace.

Often in our work, especially when we’re in the middle of the sprint, no one wants to talk since each of us are drowning in our own tasks, and we find ourselves looking forward to the end of the day. But if someone says or does something funny, either intentionally or not, and we all end up howling in laughter, it definitely makes us feel better and refreshed. I’m quite lucky that I belong in a team that has the same sense of humor, so we laugh more often in work. I imagine I wouldn’t last for as long as I did in my work if my teammates are not in the same wavelength when it comes to humor. I even think that having a sense of humor is a part of why our team works well, we help each other feel less stressed.

So it is definitely okay to laugh in the workplace every once in a while. The workplace doesn’t have to feel like a prison, in fact, I would not recommend staying in a work that feels like a prison. It definitely helps to crack a joke once in a while. Just make sure it is a good one, and try not to offend anyone. happyedited