Script is disabled Things to watch out for with SharePoint moving forward

Gartner has released a report titled Microsoft SharePoint: Watch out for new kinds of content and applications to manage in 2011. The report outlines the wide adoption of SharePoint and some of the trends in third party products and services that are geared towards the platform. Some of the highlights include:

Appoint an information manager to review all SharePoint purchases across the enterprise. SharePoint’s wide range of functions and decentralized implementations make overlapping deployments more likely. A central review can spot opportunities to combine purchases and gain better information consistency.

Gartner also talks about the need to improve governance:

IT organizations and the business will recognize the need to improve governance overall. System integrators and consultants will start to specialize in this work. Enterprises should start discussions with the CIO and business leaders about the need to manage SharePoint more effectively and create an inventory of all current SharePoint deployments.

It is important to calculate the costs and resources needed to manage SharePoint and track their growth over time. And look for partners who are in the SharePoint Deployment Planning Services programs or who have achieved the SharePoint certifications and masters programs.

It is important to work with business leaders and IT colleagues to create a list of tasks that would manage SharePoint more effectively — centralizing metadata management, creating a SharePoint competency center, and prioritizing SharePoint applications and team sites for integration work.

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