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Hangouts Meet Makes It Easier to Join Video Conferences


Video conferences or video calls are very common nowadays especially for people in the business and education sectors. It is now a way for people from different places to converse in real time and to connect in a more personal way since you can see who you are talking to. It is the closest thing to meeting face-to-face for people who are miles away. And if you have been using Google and its features, then you are probably familiar with Google Hangouts, which is the application that Google developed for video conferences.

If you have been using Hangouts for video calls before and have been enjoying its features since then, you would be happy to know that they have even improved Hangouts even more with the Hangouts Meet. Hangouts Meet is part of the G Suite package, so if you are a G Suite subscriber, then you can enjoy the many benefits of this app.

Hangouts Meet is the improved version of the Hangouts, and they boast of a much easier way to join video conferences. It takes the extra steps out of setting up a video conference such as creating accounts or making sure the attendees have the correct accounts. With Hangouts Meet, you would only need the link to the video call to be able to join quickly. This is beneficial especially for meeting with people outside of your organization, such as clients and prospects. The Hangouts invites can be in the form of a Calendar entry, e-mail, or just sharing the link. There is also no more need to install any plugins or software to join the meeting; you just need the audio and video devices to be working.

Also if you are on the go but still need to join the meeting, then there is no problem when you are using Hangouts. You can join a Hangouts session using your smartphone and a stable internet connection. You just need to install the Hangouts app on your Android or iOS phone, and then you can join the conference with just a tap. This is useful for people who are on business trips often and still need to participate in meetings.

Now for individuals who are conducting online classes, then you can use Hangouts Meet. It can hold up to 25 participants so you can have an interactive class if you have this much number of students.

If you’re not yet a G Suite subscriber, then you can try out Hangouts Meet for free for 14 days. You can sign up, as well as discover more of Hangouts Meet features here.

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