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Keep Your Team’s Files Safe in Team Drives


As a team in the workplace, we share a lot of files on a daily basis. We have a lot of files that all of us need to have access to, and these files are stored in the cloud for easier access. Of course, teams in the workplace are not permanent. It is normal for members to leave the team. Usually, situations like this will make us think about the access to the files. What if that member who left the team owns a file in the cloud which other team members need access to? Would we lose the file that he or she owns?

In G Suite’s Team Drives, this would not be a cause for concern anymore. It is like My Drives, except when a file is uploaded to the Team Drives, it will belong to the team. So even if a member loses access or leaves the team, the rest of the members and the new ones that will join will still be able to access the file. Once the file is in the Drive, then it already belongs to the team. If you have a G Suite Enterprise, Business, or Education subscription, then you can enjoy the Team Drives.

Google Team Drives are shared spaces where teams can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere, from any device. – //

Setting up a Team Drive will only take a few minutes since it is pretty much straightforward, and the user interface of Team Drive is similar to your regular Google Drive so if you’re already familiar with it, then setting up Team Drive will just be a breeze. To get started, you can create a Team Drive by clicking the New button at the top and then enter your team name. Then you can add your team members by clicking the + Add members link below the team name.




If you have full access, then you can manage the permissions of your team. This way, you will rest easy knowing that your files are protected. There are different kinds of permissions, and you can assign who has full, edit, comment, or view access. If you made a mistake in assigning permissions or there have been changes to your team, you can still change it. In case an individual leaves a team, you can also remove him or her from the team drive.

It would be inevitable that once the team starts sharing files in the drive, it would turn out to be a chaos if everyone just dumps files in the drive. To avoid this, you can create folders so that the files are organized the way you want it to and the way the team understands.

For more detailed information about G Suite, you may click this link.

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