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Let Your Clients Book Appointments Without Hassle


If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner who is hands-on on your business, then you have probably had to deal with booking appointments with your clients by getting calls or e-mail from them and then saving it on a planner on your device or an actual planner. This works at first, especially if you are just starting and it’s not that busy yet. But once you get regular customers and word spreads out about your business, you might start getting calls after calls, and emails after emails from clients who want to book an appointment with you or your staff. When this happens, it would be harder to keep track of all the appointments and making sure that there are no conflicts with other bookings.

The solution to this problem is Microsoft Bookings, which would allow your clients to book appointments with you online. They can select the date, time, and service that they want and they even have the option to select their preferred staff. With Bookings, they are in control of their appointments with you. Gone are the days of going back and forth on the phone with your clients because of scheduling conflicts and stuff.

This is very useful for businesses where appointments are often made such as hair salon or spa, events planning services, financial services, and the likes. By utilizing Microsoft Bookings, customers can choose right away the service that they need, their preferred date and time for the appointment, and their preferred staff for their chosen service. If the customers have special requests, they can also let you know through the Notes field. And once appointments have been made, your clients and the staff they chose in the booking will receive email confirmations as well as reminders. They will also be notified if the booking has been rescheduled or canceled. This will lessen the frustration from both customers and business owners regarding cancellations.

If you’re the kind of person who is always on the go, then you will also benefit from the Bookings app which is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play Store. With the Bookings app, you are free to check on your bookings wherever you are. Through the app, you can also communicate with your clients through e-mail, text, or call if needed or even create new appointments.

Microsoft Bookings is included in the Office 365 Business Premium bundle, so if you have this subscription, already you are now ready to improve your business’ booking system. If you are not yet willing to fully subscribe to Office 365 Business Premium, or if you think you still need to evaluate the product, then you can sign up for the free trial.

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