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Make Your WordPress Site Insta-Cool with I Heart Instagram


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Many of us are on Instagram to the point that it is now part of our daily routine. For some Instagrammers even, myself included, we cannot last a day without looking and browsing on our Instagram dashboards. Instagram is now so popular that it can also be a marketing tool to promote businesses and even sell stuff online. What we did not know is that we can further extend its usage and utilize it to be even more usable not just on mobile platforms but also on WordPress sites. Our Portal Integrators team has come up with a way to showcase Instagram feeds into our WordPress sites, and best of all it is user-friendly. You just need a few clicks of a button and voila, Instagram feed #goals on your WordPress site.

We, at Portal Integrators, want to spread the love of Instagram to anyone’s website, so we built and developed I Heart Instagram plugin that is connected to the Instagram API (Application Program Interface) to make your site look more AWESOME.

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You don’t need coding skills for this plugin. We created the plugin to be user-friendly. Just simply log in to your Instagram account, hold your mouse and customize the options that fit your taste inside the plugin.

Maybe you’re thinking like,” is there any awkward photos that will show on my site”? No, do not worry! We added an option to republish photos you would rather not be on your website. Amazing? Let’s go and explore another feature of this plugin.

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We made the plugin customizable enough to fit your needs! Now, let’s move to the second powerful features of this plugin that will allow you to embed any link to an image to direct it on any article and blogs. (Wow?!)

Now you saw some good features of this plugin. Wondering how to use this on your WordPress site? It’s simple like breathing. (Woosh woosh!)

After logging in, just customize the column you want to display and paste the shortcode into your preferred page. Just save and look how beautiful the output will be. Other plugins are not as easy to setup like the setup we did here in I Heart Instagram setup. Is it?

Showcase Your Instagram Feed Easily

Your Instagram feed can now be displayed easily with the I Heart Instagram plugin. It literally only takes a few clicks of a button.

Beautify Your Site

The I Heart Instagram plugin can make your WordPress site pop! If your Instagram is #FeedGoals, then flaunt it on your site by using this plugin. Best of all, it is customizable so you can tweak it to however you want your feed to be displayed.

Promote Your Business

With the popularity of Instagram, it is now also being used as a means to promote businesses. And with this plugin, you can grow your network and create a buzz in the business world.

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