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Microsoft Office Online Apps: What’s In It For You and How Do You Get It?


Previously known as Office Web Apps, Office 365 takes Office suite mobile. Moreover, one cool part of this suite is it comes with your Office 365 subscription. You can either have a subscription for home or from work or school.

What is Microsoft Office Online Apps? 

The core features of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote come in a lightweight, web-based version of your tablet or smartphone to bring creating, sharing and collaborating on the road. Moreover, you can add Sway, Mail, People, Calendar, OneDrive.

These app versions of the Microsoft Office are lighter in features to keep them mobile-friendly and quicker to use. The familiar interface makes them easy to learn for those accustomed to Microsoft Office offerings.

The desktop version of the suite offers more features while the online apps cover the basics needed to do your work on any device. A device that has a browser and an Internet connection are all you need.

On your browser, this application fits across devices and modern browsers. This allows you to use any device and still be able to use Office Online.

Why Would You Use These Apps?

So, what is in it for you? In short, productivity. Maintaining the core features of the desktop version of Microsoft’s Office Suite, the app versions bring convenience and mobility.
Furthermore, Office Online allows for co-authoring, co-editing and co-working in real time at the same time. Moreover, this means quicker turnaround for group projects. With more work done remotely and less time spent waiting, these apps help you get the job done.
Also, auto saving your work to the cloud via OneDrive, Office Online saves frustration and headaches. No more missing documents. Moreover, free office add-ins such as Wikipedia offer quick, in-the-moment research.
Imagine no need for everyone to arrive at the office for a meeting. Whether at home, in a doctor’s waiting room or at a coffee shop, your team collaborates and types input directly into the document, slide show or presentation.

How Do You Access Microsoft Online?

To gain access to Microsoft Online, visit the Microsoft products pages or your app store. You will need to sign in with a Microsoft account whether personal, work or school. Alternatively, register for an account if you are a new user.

It is that simple.
Then, anytime, anywhere you want to work on a document, just open the app.

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