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Microsoft SharePoint 2016 for Dummies

Sharepoint is one of Microsoft’s popular product since its inception in 2001. Sharepoint is a “business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the web.”

Moreover, like all the others in the series, books are written by technical experts. Such is the case in Sharepoint 2016 For Dummies which is written by Rosemarie Withee and Ken Withee. Rosemarie is president of Portal Integrators LLC, and she has co-authored Office 365 For Dummies. Ken writes Technet and MSDN articles for Microsoft and has also written Sharepoint 2013 For Dummies. Their newest book is written clearly without confusing lingo. You will get you familiar with Sharepoint on a fundamental level and with its higher levels. The platform’s tools and terminology will be explained, and you will learn how to create a site and work with applications. By book’s end, you will be able to go social and connect with others while working with Office 365. Here are just a few of topics covered in Sharepoint 2016 For Dummies.
• Introducing Sharepoint online. This section will explain the popularity of Sharepoint online. Differences between Sharepoint online and Sharepoint on premises will be detailed. Also, benefits of Sharepoint online will be examined.
• Getting to know the team site. Requesting, viewing and accessing your team site will be discussed. You will learn the basics of the team site including uploading documents, sharing, organizing and changing the brand of your site.
• Working with web pages. Sharepoint web pages are reviewed including Wiki, Web Part, and Wiki Content Pages. How to create these pages is also reviewed.
• Configuring site navigation. Learn how to configure Sharepoint navigation. Learning points are global, static and current navigation.
• Securing your Sharepoint site. You will learn how to use the permission structure and will be able to secure apps, folders, and documents.

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The platform gives businesses the ability to store, share, access and to organize information.  At first glance, Sharepoint can seem quite complicated that is where Sharepoint 2016 For Dummies comes in. As with all the “Dummies” series, Sharepoint 2016 For Dummies, is used as a reference, not a tutorial. This gives the reader the ability to find what they are looking for.