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Need a Recap of the Meeting?


In our work as web developers for various clients, we often interact with our clients through video conferences because we are oceans apart. We meet with our stakeholders on a weekly basis through video chat to discuss what has been done for the week, whether they accept our work as done or not, and what they would want for us to do next. We have quite a number of clients, so it is a must to take down notes while we are meeting with clients so that we would not forget the relevant details. But sometimes when meetings are fast-paced, or when the client only has a short and limited time, our notes become haphazard. Once we review the notes after the session, we could just barely understand what was written.

As a solution to this, we record our meetings, with the knowledge of the client, of course. This is so we can watch and listen to the conference all over again and we can confirm our notes. If ever we missed a detail, we can go back to the recording. We used to use a different software for recording online conferences, but now with Hangouts Meet we can record the meeting, as well as automatically save the recording to the cloud in the form of Google Drive. This feature is available for everyone who has G Suite Enterprise subscription.

Aside from taking notes from the meeting, recording the video conference is also useful for when not all participants can attend. This way, they would know what they missed and would be up to date with whatever the agenda was.

In Hangouts Meet, all the participants will be made aware when the meeting is being recorded, but only the organizer and anyone in the same domain as him/her can start and stop a recording.

Once the meeting is over, and the recording has been stopped, the organizer will just need to wait for at least 10 minutes for the recording file to be uploaded in the Google Drive of the organizer. It can take longer than 10 minutes because it depends on the length of the meeting.






Once the recording is in the organizer’s Google Drive, it can be found inside the Meet Recordings folder. The organizer will also be notified about this through e-mail, where he or she will receive a link to the recording file. Just a note: before clicking any links in an e-mail, make sure that the e-mail is legit from Google so that you would not fall victim to phishing scams.

If the meeting is in the Calendar, then the recording will also be automatically linked to that event, where all participants who are in the same domain as the organizer can access the file.

Now having a record of video conferences is just a breeze with this Hangouts Meet feature. To check out Hangouts Meet, click this link.

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