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Portal Integrators is going local! Last week, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for SharePoint Server the Chief SharePoint Architect for Portal Integrators Elczar Adame held a talk at Microsoft Philippines about SharePoint 2013. Packed with SharePoint professionals from different companies all over the Metro, Elczar gave a comprehensive talk about SharePoint 2013’s new features. You can view Elczar’s presentation here.

TechHours is Portal Integrators’ monthly event for SharePoint technologists that aims to help developers, managers, executives, decision makers, marketing professionals and students to maximize the power of SharePoint. Functioning as one of our IT community leaders, Portal Integrators’ TechHours makes the sharing of knowledge, skills and new technology easy, fun and not to mention exciting!

Here are some pretty cool photos of the event.

Elczar Adame (standing ninth from the left) Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP gave a talk about SharePoint 2013

A special thanks to Microsoft MVPs John Erwin Magno and Eufer Pasion for their support and venue provision.

Our participants didn’t left the event empty handed. Two of them won SharePoint books and five got really cool shirts!

Share, Organize, Discover, Build and Manage – five flagship features of SharePoint 2013 perfect for SMBs and Enterprises looking to have their platforms easy to scale, better manage risks and enhanced with various productivity tools all gearing towards cost effective and efficient management.

In his talk, Portal Integrators MVP for SharePoint Server Elczar Adame talked about SharePoint 2013’s useful features.


SharePoint 2013 allows sharing a breeze through tools like Notebook, SkyDrive Pro and Newsfeeds. Its Collaboration Sites make it easy for people to talk about anything – from project issues, to team updates and even companywide events. Community Sites, Community Portal and Enhanced MySite make this all possible. SharePoint’s Document Management is another feature that allows to easily share files all done though Enhanced Office Web Apps, Document Callout, Drag and Drop capability, Enhanced Document Sharing together with Enchanced Video Sharing.


SharePoint 2013 makes organization easy with features like Project Site and Process Workflow. These two enable users to easy organize projects through creating and viewing a Timeline, and showing tasks due on Newsfeed. The Process Workflow feature is now equipped with even better arsenals for workflow and manager capabilities.


SharePoint’s search capability has been up a notch in the 2013 build. Now with enhanced content and people search, collaboration is even made easier. The Business Intelligence module through the In-Memory Engine, PowerView, Decoupled PivotChart and Table together with Performance Point Support for iPad, truly makes SharePoint a most-sought after platform for SMBs and enterprise alike.


SharePoint 2013 now makes building sites easy. Packed with tools such as Web Content Authoring, Cross-Site Publishing, Different Image Renditions, Design Manager, Developer Site, support for Multilingual sites and more; SharePoint 2013 is indeed a web content master.


The last module discussed was Management. Through this, it easy to make Site-Based Renditions and make contents legally compliant through eDiscovery and Case Management. It also supports various forms of authentication such as Claims-based, Login Token and OAuth.

Portal Integrators is your top choice for SMB and Enterprise implementation of SharePoint 2013. If you want to start building your own solution powerhouse, our team of experts at Portal Integrators can walk you step-by-step.