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Singapore Escapade


It is a great opportunity when the company you’re currently working gives you the chance to travel outside your country. If you have been given that opportunity, it is better not to miss it especially for those who are like me that is just their first time traveling abroad.

It was the best birthday gift to me since on the day of my birthday, October 5, 2017, I flew to Singapore with Gen to attend a full dev workshop, “AMP Roadshow Singapore.” Not to exaggerate, but my family, friends, and relatives were very proud and happy for me upon hearing the news.



The night before our flight, I really can’t fell asleep because I’m thinking of what it feels like to be inside an airplane. So when the day came, I was very excited, and I felt like a child being innocent inside the Departure Area of NAIA Terminal 3. Because for 21 years of my existence, I’ve never been inside the departure area. I’ve only gone to an airport outside the departure when we are sending our loved ones and arrival area when we are waiting for them to arrive. 1:10 PM was our boarding time, and I really couldn’t wait to be inside the airplane, so when I was already there I didn’t miss the chance to enjoy it and stay awake for 3-4 hours in the air.

5:10 PM we finally land safe and sound to the beautiful country of Singapore. Because it was big, we had a hard time finding the MRT or the taxi station. We chose to ride in a taxi on our way to our hotel so that the driver will drop us at the place exactly because we thought we might get lost if we took the MRT.

The hotel that we checked in which was Park Hotel Alexandra was so beautiful and big. We had our room on the 17th floor, and the view from there amazed us because we saw the beautiful city of Singapore with the street lights on.

We just had three agenda for our whole trip in Singapore. First one is to attend in AMP Roadshow Singapore in Google Asia Pacific located in Mapletree Business City last October 6. We just took a morning walk upon coming to the venue to enjoy the city. We had a hard time finding the office of Google in Mapletree because it was so big. But the full dev workshop was so worth it because we learned something new about developing websites.

The night after the roadshow, we ate a buffet at The Carvery inside the hotel. We tried all kinds of steak, then had some rice, salmon, sausages, etc. But because we got all kinds of steak, we had a hard time eating all of it since we felt full already. We just cooled down and stopped eating for a minute then finished it all. After the main dish, we tried some of their desserts, and it was delicious. It satisfied my sweet tooth. When we finished all the food, we went outside the Carvery because there were a pool and a mini bar outside of it. We can also view tall buildings from there, and it was a beautiful sight. The place was so cozy, and it can make you feel relaxed.

For our last agenda, October 7 before our flight, we went to the most popular place in Singapore which is the Merlion Park. From there you can also see the famous Marina Bay Sands. We took a picture with a background of it then we went to the Merlion Tower. There were so many tourists taking photos with the Merlion, and we didn’t miss the chance and took a picture with it also. There was a baby Merlion behind the big one, and I just knew it that they have the small one on that day. After taking pictures, we went inside a souvenir shop near it and bought some “pasalubong” for our loved ones. We went to the Changi Airport, and there we waited for our flight. We roamed around the airport, and I should say that it was huge and very clean.

It was a very unforgettable experience for me because I have given a chance to visit Singapore and I’m thankful to Portal Integrators. I’ll never forget about it, and I’ll promise to return to Singapore again someday. It was worth a story to share with my family, relatives, and friends.

AMP Roadshow Singapore

Full dev workshop at Google Asia Pacific, Mapletree Business City Singapore

The Carvery

Buffet inside Park Hotel Alexandra

Merlion Park

Merlion Tower is located. Marina Bay Sands can view from here too