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Stay Up to Date With the New Google Calendar Update


The good thing about using active and popular apps is that the developers listen to their consumers’ feedbacks and use these comments to improve the app further and add new useful features. This circumstance is why if you are using mainstream services such as Google, you can be sure that the service or app that you are using is continuously updated and adjusted to meet your needs. Just last October, Google released an update to their Calendar and made sure that the popular requests of the users who use the Calendar have been integrated into this update.

Google Calendar was already very handy, but to differentiate this with other calendar apps, Google made sure to include features that would make keeping up with our plans and meetings even more manageable. What are these awesome new features? Keep reading.

Over the years, you’ve shared valuable feedback on how we can enhance Calendar to better fit your needs and we’re excited to bring new improvements. Now, it’s even easier to manage your schedule at your desk. –

First, users can now see a more detailed information regarding the location of their meeting or event in the Calendar. The more detailed information includes the pieces of equipment that are available in the conference room, for example, projectors, phones, televisions, WiFi, audio and video equipment, and the likes. Attendees will also know if the place is wheelchair-friendly or not. This way all attendees will know if there is equipment that they still need to bring to the meeting. G Suite admins are the ones who can enter the details of the venue.



Users can also now view and manage different calendars at the same time in the Day view. This feature will let us users compare the schedules of different people in the calendar. This view option makes it easier to schedule meetings since we can see the availability of different people in just one view.

We can also add styles to our event details since hyperlinks, and rich formatting is now accepted in the Calendar invites. Attachments can also be added to the information as well as any video call links. Users will also be able to check the RSVP responses, which makes it easier to make preparations for the meeting.

This update has been rolled out automatically to Rapid Release domains last November 14. For the Scheduled Release domains, however, it will be released on November 28, 2017. However, if you choose to transition to the new UI manually, you may schedule it in the Google Admin console. All users will be forced to the new UI by February 28, 2018, so make sure to prepare for this transition by this time.

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