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Team Awesome Adventure


Here at Portal Integrators, the team decides what team events to do quarterly. This time we chose to go to the CAMP N here at Santa Rosa Laguna. CAMP N Nuvali is a sports zone and leisure park and has different courses. There are extreme activities like aerial walk, obstacles, rope courses, and the tower.



We started with the aerial walk; it consists of different obstacles where you have to prevent yourself from falling. There are three levels which you have to go through. As you finish a level, you will have to go higher to move to the next which makes it more difficult and also makes the obstacle scarier. At the same time it is interesting and I became more curious on the higher level and tried to move higher first. I also want to know what it feels to be on the highest part of the obstacle. After reaching the top I didn’t expect that we will need to slide to the other side through the zip line and at first, it is kind of scary to try, and I thought twice before doing it but it is really fun, and I enjoy it a lot.


We also thought that was one of the hardest but that was just a warm-up for the next on our list which is the “Tower”. There are different activities on the tower like Zip line – Long, Zip line – short, Freefall(short), Wall Climbing and Rappel Wall. The “Tower” is a more than 75 feet high building.


The first Activity we tried is the Zip line – Long which starts on the higher part of the tower. This Zip line is not like an ordinary Zip line with a straight and running through a Cable wire. This one is running through a metal rail and has curves and wave path like a roller coaster; this is one is very scary especially with persons who are afraid of heights just like me. It’s like you’re riding a roller coaster, but instead of a cart, you’re hanging up which I think is scarier.



Next is free fall, and at first you will think this one is simple and easy but not because there is no one who can easily jump on the 4th floor of a building. Here’s how it works: your harness will be attached to a rope from your back and there is nothing below to catch you making it hard for you to try to jump.



Next is Zip line – short. We expected it to be less extreme than the Zip line – Long but we were so wrong. Its track has wider curves and waves than the other which can make you scream. Doing these activities is fun, and you will think that you will not be afraid to go to high places anymore.




That’s not the end of it. The next is the wall climbing and the rappel wall. I think everyone knows what this is. It is challenging as it gets harder after a step higher. The rappel wall is the opposite where you’ll start from the top and try to go down by sliding your hands on the rope to control the fall while walking down on the wall.

These activities are all new for me, and I am very grateful for having this experience and also gives the team some break from work. This really is a great experience for our team.

Memorable experience

This is really an exciting experience and fun to engage on different activities.

Clean and Relaxing place

The area is really relaxing it is refreshing and you can fell the fresh air from it’s natural surroundings.


Active participation

The activities are fun and challenging you will be challenge physically as all activity requires you to move and go through different obstacles.