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Team Awesome Barbeque Party


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We are growing up as a team, and therefore we need to establish a healthy relationship between the members we had our Team Awesome Barbeque party with our family at Morning Breeze Resort located Calamba City Laguna, Philippines last July 23, 2017. Every one of us enjoyed the venue, and each of everyone had a fun time with the amenities of the resort, some of us played table tennis, and some are playing billiards. We had a mini tournament on the Billiards and also for the Table Tennis. The player who had least numbers of losing is the winner. We discovered that all of us had a hidden talent in sports and it just comes out in the gathering like this.

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After being tired of playing games we had our dinner, of course, we had a delicious barbeque with hot dogs and marshmallows on top, and while we are eating one of us was singing in videoke it is like we had a mini concert, we had our party in the resort. It is like a star studded venue, imagine that we had a Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, Sam Smith and Coco Martin in our party. So much fun!

Next in our fun lists is the swimming, at first, all of us maybe waiting for someone to initiate to go in the pool but when someone is already begun to go first, all of us is like a kid enjoying the water, and we also played water volleyball. We feel like we are the player of the Philippine Team. We enjoyed serving the ball to our opponent and blocking them when the ball reaches to our ground. All of us having a unity to defeat each others team. Is like pride and dignity battle, so no one is accepting defeat.

We had a fantastic volleyball game, and the result is a draw since we don’t want to be beaten by each other and we decided that we are Team of Winners. “One Win One Team,” We realized that is not just winning, it is also helping each other to succeed.

Our barbeque party is a blast. Having games, swimming and party in one event are awesome! We are not just a team in developing software, but we are a team who had hidden talents in other aspects. We feel special here at Portal Integrators; we value everyone’s interest for a better.