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Team Awesome Conquering their Fears


Most of us agree that movies allow us to escape from reality. It takes us to the places and situations we think we never been.  It offers us a window through our imagination and opening our eyes to new wonder. It also helps us in broadening our perspective in life.

Last Monday, September 18, 2017, Team Awesome went to Alabang Town Center to watch the IT Movie. IT is an American Horror Film directed by Andy Muschietti. The movie was all about a group of bullied kids who band together to stop the clown from hunting children.

But before that, Team Awesome engaged into an adventure. Because we’re not familiar with the mall, we kept on walking and walking and end up with the same spot again. First, we’re looking for the cinema at the mall, but the direction says to go up, so we rode an escalator, but the cinema was nowhere to be found, then we went on the ground floor again and there we found it. We just looked for the time of the showing and paid for our tickets. Since it was only 12:30 in the afternoon and the showing of the movie was at 3 PM, we decided to have our lunch first. The team agreed to eat in Yakimix, so we walked all over the Mall, but we can’t find it. It took us like 30 minutes to 1 hour for looking in the Food Chain but sad to say we didn’t found it. It was already 1:30 PM and because we’re all hungry so in the end, we decided to eat at Crisostomo.

Then at 3:15 PM, we went inside the cinema. We’re all excited to watch the movie and can’t wait until it aired in the big screen. The movie was full of shocking scenes. It was not that scary, but it was very suspense. The film also made us laughed because of the group of bullied kids. They all have different characteristics that made the crowd laughing. Pennywise, the clown, didn’t scare us at all, except his mouth that full of sharp teeth. But during the middle, there was a scene where I screamed very loud because of shocked to Pennywise. He appeared out of nowhere and can’t help myself from screaming.

The movie was indeed good and fun though it is very shocking. It also teaches us a lesson where we should face our own fears. The group of bullied kids has all faced their fears, and because their fear to Pennywise has gone, the clown disappears too. Because fear only exists when we let ourselves believe in that fear. If we conquer and face it, we no longer live full of fears.


Movies can be our escape

It can be the window through our imaginations and our escape from reality.


Adventure is always fun with good people

Team Awesome engaged in an Adventure walk in the mall.

Fear only exists in our minds

We must learn to face our fears and conquer it.