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The Awesomeness of Amazon Web Service


What is AWS or Amazon Web Services? Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of, and it is a secure and innovative cloud-services platform that consists of offering to compute power, database storage of it, content delivery and other features to help users to scale, grow and experience of it. With the help of Amazon Web Service you can find a complete set of highly available services which are designed to work together to create a scalable application, everything is easy to create web application like colleagues, consumers, enterprise support or e-commerce.

On Amazon Web Services, it depends on what you need in your web application. The Amazon Web Service has many useful services like Amazon EC2, Route 53 or SES (Simple Email Service). Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) is a web service that provides secure, and resizable compute capacity in the cloud. For us developers, this Amazon EC2 is useful because it’s less time-consuming to create WordPress site with the help of this web service. We’re just going to choose what kind of site we’ll create like multisite that run on Linux or site that run on Windows and what type of site if it’s for e-commerce or blog.

The Security of Amazon Web Service is responsible for protecting the global infrastructure that runs all of the services offered in AWS cloud. It provides several security services to take care of the security basics including certificate management, encryption tools, security modules for storing private keys and web application firewalls. Example Security Groups from Amazon EC2, it’s a collection of security policies that could apply to all the host such as instances from Amazon EC2 assigned to the group. It’s used to restricting ports and defining access rules to the instance of EC2 or the storage of the Site.

The Cost-Effective is one of the most priority of the Amazon Web Service. It will save the money for creating websites without effort using the services of it. It doesn’t need other tools to create some projects to become great. It’s easy to calculate the cost of the services that have been using the Amazon Web Services. The AWS monitored all cost and where or what service that cost too much.

With the flexibility of the Amazon Web Service, it allows focusing on innovating our works. Other users can create projects even they don’t have experience from programming. Instead of rewriting all program code to create a Website, it’s only one tap to the dashboard of the AWS services, and we can create our fast suited Site.


Less Time Consuming

Less Time Consuming To create Website and Other Development


The AWS has prioritize the security of all services


Users can adapt the new technology with the help of AWS

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