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The Making of Team Awesome


Portal Integrator’s Team Awesome is a happy bunch, and we get along so well most of the time, but like any other teams, we are not always feeling “awesome.” There are times when we are feeling burned out, and sometimes some of us feel like we’re inadequate. There are also times when team members do not get along or engage in a heated argument. There are also times when we’re confused about our roles.

Thankfully, our company cares about our well-beings as individuals and also as a team. To make sure that the team is always at our best, Portal Integrators regularly holds a quarterly seminar which aims to strengthen us as a team as well as individual members.

The facilitator for our seminars is Ms. Aileen Marges of ChildFam-Possibilities. We took a moment to do an interview with her after our latest workshop which was held last July 4.

What do you expect from the team you're holding the seminar for, before coming to the venue?

  • I am expecting to meet new faces and larger number of team members.
  • The team will be cautious in expressing their job-related concerns.
  • The team leaders will initiate cooperation within the team.

What impression did you have when you met the team?

  • The team was well informed that we will conduct a seminar.
  • They are excited having their first workshop/seminar together as a team.
  • There are some who hesitant to express their thoughts and opinions.
  • They are a bit surprise on the approach for the learning experience but later able to adopt and appreciate the method used.
  • There is openness and willingness to learn and to work well together.

Did you see improvements on the team?

There are lots of positive things mentioned regarding the team and team meetings ( affirmation, things to improve, support system, learning, etc.) and there are still many opportunities to develop the team like the communication skills, professionalism and other work related processes.

What advice can you give to the team?

As mentioned during the workshop seminar, there is a need to establish the following:

  • Transparency (log the activities)
  • Inputs/Suggestions on work processes
  • Enhance Team Spirit
  • To escalate concerns at the soonest possible time.
  • To continue to be open and exercise the positivity.

How was your experience after conducting the seminar to the team?

I am more excited and looking forward to work with the team on succeeding months.  It’s my pleasure to work with this growing organization.