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This App Will Help You Accomplish Your Goals And Be More Efficient at Work


Most, if not all, of us, have goals that we want to accomplish at the soonest possible time, whether it’s personal or career-wise. The reality though, is that not all of our goals are achieved on time especially when there are interruptions or hindrances. This is common in the workplace wherein we have deadlines to meet. There are times when we are not so efficient in our approach in accomplishing our tasks or goals, and this is normal because we don’t typically notice that a certain task is already taking a longer time than necessary to get accomplished especially if we are in the zone. Once we take a long time on one task, the other tasks will eventually get delayed. This is a common problem in the workplace, but thankfully there are now so many ways to improve this.

One thing that can help us improve with time management is being able to monitor the time it takes us to complete our tasks so that we know the average duration and therefore can help us prioritize better. Microsoft MyAnalytics can help us do just that and help us work more efficiently. MyAnalytics is part of Office 365.

Sometimes when we are “in the zone” and so into finishing our task, we tend not to notice the time. We only see that we have spent almost half of our work day just reading through and answering e-mails when it’s time to proceed to another important task. MyAnalytics will show you the actual time you spent on creating and on reading e-mails while at work. And if ever you need to send or read emails during your off-work hours, you can still see the time you spent on these tasks in the After hours. So you can see how much of these tasks take time even when you’re not supposed to be working. You can also see how long it took others to respond to your emails, and how quickly you did.






You can also see how long your meetings take place in MyAnalytics, and use this data to determine the relationship of the number of hours spent on meetings to your productivity. Meetings that take too long affect the productivity since you could have accomplished more tasks during those times.

Collaboration is essential in teams, and this data can also be seen in MyAnalytics. It will show how much or how little time you spent collaborating with your teammates.

Visualization of these data will help us see and realize how much time affects our tasks and productivity. By using MyAnalytics, you can help yourself have a better balance of your time at work. If you are interested in MyAnalytics, click this link.

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