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This New App Can Potentially Improve Your To-Do List


If you’re like most busy bees, you are probably keeping a to-do list, or at least you used to keep a to-do list. Now that smartphones are a thing, it is even easier to keep track of to-do lists, since there are now apps that help us accomplish these tasks on the go.

Now, if you’re an Office 365 user, then keeping track of your to-do list will be even easier because of the new Microsoft To-Do app. Microsoft To-Do is available in Preview, and for now, the web app is only available for personal accounts.




Microsoft To-Do is like other To-Do apps, but since it can be connected to Office 365, Office 365 users will benefit from this, as they can tick off their tasks while on-the-go. Aside from the web app, Microsoft To-Do Preview is also now available for Android and iOS devices. Just simply make your way to the App or Play Store and search for Microsoft To-Do, and one of the coolest things about this is that it is free to download and it requires no in-app purchases needed to enjoy its capabilities fully.





Once it has been installed on your smartphones, you would just need to log in using your Microsoft account. For smartphones, logging in using your work or school account is supported. After you have logged in, you can now start using the app, and it would sync automatically with your Outlook Tasks.




It is easy to start keying in your to-do items and mark these items as done as soon as the tasks have been accomplished. Just tap the circle on the left of the task to mark it as done.








And if for some reason you still forgot to do your task or that you didn’t have enough time, then the To-Do app will tell you that the task is overdue and you can decide whether to work on it on that day.  You would just need to click on the plus sign to add it to your day’s list of to-do items, which would help in making sure that no task is left unfinished, even if it’s a little delayed.

Since the app is still a Preview version, it has the potential to improve further and have even more useful features be added into it once Microsoft gets feedback from its users. We’ll post more information about this app in the future.




You can also set reminders which will sync with your Outlook Task reminder so that even if you are outside on the phone or your work computer, you will still be reminded of these to-do items.

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