Script is disabled Business-Critical SharePoint and its effect on a business’ ROI
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One of the biggest mistakes that companies do in implementing SharePoint for business is putting it on a silo. Often, SharePoint is used exclusively to cater to a department’s specific need such as HR, CRM or Document Management. In effect, the full utility of SharePoint for business is hampered by is detachment to other line of business solutions such as SAP, Oracle Financials, and other systems that are mainly used for transactions.

What is Business-Critical SharePoint?

Business critical SharePoint program (BCSP) is a solution that allows SharePoint to be integrated or used as a line-of-business (LOB) solution through the use of its built-in functionalities such as collaboration, compliance and cloud integration.

How does Business Critical SharePoint ROI works?

Unknown to many, using SharePoint with business critical applications promises a high ROI. This study generally shows how much savings, process improvement, and advanced IT can SharePoint bring through integrating it with line-of-business (LOB) systems.


Surveying partners and customers using BCSP in over 200 deployments showed that using business critical SharePoint actually gives companies immediate savings based on lower upfront costs and less time spent on custom development. This is primarily because most companies are already using SharePoint, and extending it to function as a business critical application is only about a matter of finding a solution provider.

Usage and Productivity

Overtime, using BCSP can bring-in more ROI. This is because using SharePoint for business increases usage and adoption; which in the long run boosts overall user productivity. Because of SharePoint’s easy to use tools and management components, complexities that are normally associated with standard LOB softwares are eliminated which gives a very practical and favorable user experience.


Using BCSP also demands a low learning curve, in effect training costs are very minimal. The solution’s straightforwardness also enables staff to immediately use it, basically functioning like a self-service application.

Low Risks

Being an enterprise-grade LOB platform, SharePoint brings down the risk of processing, hosting and consumption of business-critical data. A must for SMBs to multi-national companies, SharePoint gives every executive a peace of mind.

Using SharePoint for business-critical process is easy if you have the right partner. Contact us to know more.