Script is disabled What is Zapier? - Portal Integrators

If you are a person that owns and maintains a website or websites or even mobile apps, either for business or personal use, chances are you have come across the problem of connecting some aspects of your site/app to another site/app. The most common example is to auto-publish the blog that you have just posted in your site to various social media platforms. Another example is auto-updating a spreadsheet in Google Sheets after doing something in your site. Or sending an automated e-mail after something gets done in your site.

These things are now possible with automation tools such as Zapier. Zapier works as the “middle man” from your site to various apps and vice versa. They have over 600+ web apps available which can be integrated into your site or app, and users would not even need to have extensive web developing skills to use it. As they say in their website, anyone can create a Zap.

A Zap is what you will create using Zapier. In its most basic form, a Zap is composed of a Trigger and an Action. An example of a trigger is when a blog post has been published. The action then is what will be performed when the Zap has been triggered, an example is posting on Twitter about the blog that has been published. The Zap will perform the automation for whatever you need to get done in your site or in the web apps. For more example and information, check out Zapier’s website here.

With web apps like these, it seems like almost anything is now possible in the World Wide Web. Now if only there is some development about teleportation, too.