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WPLMS: Making Online Courses Easier For Educators and Students


These past few years, founding a business that sells courses on a website may be a good idea especially when you have several instructors that will handle your class lessons.

But, you found setting up a course online hard because of lack of knowledge on website environment and made you ask questions like, is there a way or method that I can create a course and manage my created classes on my website? And, maybe you’re asking, by managing my course, can I add items related to the course such as units, quizzes, prerequisites, assignments and such through my website? Also, is there something like I can sell my course with my own configured price?

If you have given every question a YES answer, then maybe Learning Management System for WordPress or WPLMS can help you with what you are looking and assist you in your process creating and configuring a course. In this blog, we will briefly explain what WPLMS is and what are the basics of WPLMS can do.

According to the WPLMS website, “WPLMS is a flexible, scalable and robust platform and widely used by startups as well as Fortune 500 companies.” It is not just a WordPress education but a complete eLearning suite. It is an eLearning WordPress theme for course management, instructor and student management which you can create and sell your courses online.

Through this WordPress theme, you can build your course from scratch, and anything about your course can be managed. And by saying manage, we are referring to adding custom information like the course description, course certificate, excellence badge, featured image, etc., setting curriculum by adding units and quizzes, setting forums and prices and everything that is just related on customizing the behavior of a course. You can set a course duration too which will indicate a number of days when the student can still access the course.

On customizing the display of courses’ and units’ information, WPLMS has these Vibe Shortcodes that will help the administrator or designer to construct the page content on the desired design. It has a shortcode for accordion, buttons, columns, counter, forms, gallery, iframe, video and much more that is commonly used.

In selling your course, with the help of Woocommerce, there’s a feature that a course can be associated with a product and the product is associated with a course. By doing this, the course can be bought by going to course profile or on the shop page.

Having this basic knowledge of WPLMS, you can easily sell your created course with your customized user interface on your website, and maybe it will help you to win many customers/students through this theme.

Easy to use.

WPLMS  will easily help users to create and configure courses.



It shows instructions and details that help user to understand every functionality on creating a course.

Make selling course better

This theme helps user to sell courses that is associated to products with better user interface.

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