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Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform for developing web applications which provide an operating system and a set of developer services. It is designed to minimize the cost and the personnel needed in creating or maintaining a web application infrastructure. It also supports different programming languages like.NET, Java, Ruby on Rails and Python with Microsoft and none Microsoft software and system.

Azure as a cloud computing platform provides two types of cloud computing services the IaaS(Infrastructure as a service) and Paas (Platform as a service). In IaaS you will manage everything that runs within the Operating System, and your cloud provider handles the physical management of the servers, taking care of storage and the network. While in PaaS(Platform as a Structure) OS, middleware and runtime are also managed by the provider.

With Azure, developers and IT professionals can be more productive. It provides integrated tools, pre-built template and managed services make it easier to manage your application. With the automated service management of Windows Azure, a developer creates the rules of deployment monitoring and execution. Allowing developers to focus on building the app than the infrastructure.