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Google Docs Will Save Time and Storage Space


Sharing files are now made easier since the cloud era has emerged. Before the cloud, you have to share documents through flash drives or CDs or attach them in an email. Now that we have cloud storage, we can just upload the file in the storage and share the link to any one you want to give access to. And now, because of the cloud, collaboration within co-workers and teammates is also now made easier, especially if you are using G Suite.

G Suite, as we have discussed in the last Success at Work blog post, is Google’s bundle which is specially designed for businesses. Included in the suite is the ability to create and share Google Docs.

Google Docs have quite some impressive features and advantages, one being that you won’t have to install an app to create, view, and edit word documents. You just need a browser, and you can start creating and editing contents. If you have an existing document which you have created from Microsoft Word, you don’t need special conversion apps to make the text readable on Google Docs, as Google Docs will convert your .docx files for you. And editing files on the go is even made easier, as you can even open and edit your documents on your mobile phone or other portable devices that have an internet browser.

Another good thing about Google Docs is that while you are working, it automatically saves your file for you; therefore you would not need to worry about forgetting to save in case of internet connection loss or power outage. And as we have mentioned earlier, collaboration is made easier because you and everyone who has access to your file can work on the same document in real time, saving the time it would take you to go back and forth with your teammates or clients for the revision of documents.


You might worry about security for your files since giving access to other people is so easy, but with Google Docs you can also set an expiration date for user access to your files. This is useful especially when you’re sharing files with people who are not part of your organization. Once your business with them is complete, you can choose to revoke their access to your files.

Also if you want to convert your docs into a PDF file, there is also no need to install any apps just to turn your document into PDF since, in Google Docs, you can choose to share the PDF version of your file. This lets you save both time and storage space since you don’t have to upload a PDF version of your file just to share it.

These are just some of the many useful features of Google Docs. For startups, subscribing to G Suite just might boost your business. If you are interested, you may check out the features of G Suite here.

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