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Hand Coding: The Web Developers’ Superpowers!


These days a lot of website builders and content management systems are available online. Creating stunning websites without knowing how to write a code is just a snap, easy as 123 and ABC, even a 12-year-old can learn it. Using this tools allows you to drag and drop different elements on the page and can save a lot of your time. So why do we even need to learn how to hand code?

When Web Developers hand code, they create a unique experience for their clients, solves specific problems, and makes them look badass.

Well, let me answer that question with another question. Can you call your self a web developer when you don’t even know how to write a code? website builders and content management systems are yeah, great for creating generic and static websites for small businesses. Filling up the page and managing its contents is easy, there are tons of plugins that help you do some task, themes are everywhere so you won’t need to design your page from scratch, and setting up some online catalogs for your shop or online menu for your restaurant would be perfect without learning database management. However, these tools cut the web developers ability to create a unique experience for their clients and are also hard to make solutions for specific problems and that’s the point where hand coding comes in.

If you are working on a larger project and a development team where specific solution matters then hand coding is what we need. Knowing how to hand code could do more customizable stuff than these content management systems. Need to make a form? experts say hand code it. Need to pass up a data? hand coding must be considered. Implementing these rules for your projects will be a boost and will produce a freaking better output compared to those ready-made elements waiting for you to drag and drop them on your page. Why freaking better? It is because you can really tell that you created a unique type of solution and layout for a unique type of problem and that’s what businessmen are paying for. Another point is, it is better for us web developers to know how a web pages items were created from code than to just rely on those ready-made templates out there.

So in summary, website builders and content management systems are good for creating generic sites without knowing much but you’ve got to put it on your mind that you shouldn’t rely much on these because Web Developers always encounters specific problems that need to be solved using Hand coding.

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