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How to Become a Better Developer


As a Web developer, I’m always looking a way to improve my code. Coding can be enhanced through the use of tools whether you’re a web developer or software developer, it’s true that tools can help with the process of the developer behind the code that is reflected in the final product. Reflecting on your code is essential, you should always reflect your code on how you fixed the bug and took a look and saw what you should do to avoid creating the error or bug so that you know how you can prevent it in the future.

The most important single aspect of development is to be clear about what your are trying to build.

Practice and make mistakes, as a web developer we should keep practicing, write more code and make a mistake, it is very important to make mistakes because it will make you realize your mistakes in how you handle the error or bug on your code. You will learn from those mistakes because the more you make a mistake the better you will get because you have to do it again to improve your skill. Before you can write better code, you have to write hundreds of thousands of lines. Learn from websites and books, the best way on how to improve your skills is ready any educational material that can be found on Google that contains a lot of information about programming and also learns from other programmers work on a variety of different types of projects. You can also use your project as a method of learning; you can do the things that you’re not comfortable with or work with other programmers that you are not familiar with to be able to pick up new skills.

Try pair programming with other developers or programmers can improve the quality of the code and help you work better as a team member make sure if you’re on a team there are at least senior developer or programmers that you can learn from it is essential to talk to others and have fun, in developing and programming its good practice to talk about code, share and do something like Brainstorm. It’s all about the communication. Keeping communication can make the team move faster and understand the tasks more clearly and also being an excellent communicator need to be a good collaborator not just with the other developers but also with your client. Collaboration also means to get the job done and even a good team player.

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