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The Adventures in WordPress Multisite


What is Multisite? What is the use of Multisite? Many other people don’t know what the purpose of multisite and its advantages are. WordPress has so many features that can help all people in many aspects and one of the highlights is Multisite. Multisite is one of the great features of WordPress where the admin or users can create a network of sites depending on what they need such as building a blog diary, educational study or creating an online shop on a single WordPress site. The difference of Multisite and Single site is that multisite can grow into a large business that has so many branches that can host online shop, discussion forums, or helpdesk/support desk on subsites. Single Site, on the other hand, is only good for small-scale websites.

One of the pros of multisite is that the Super Admin can manage any individual site from a single dashboard called Network Admin Dashboard. What is Super Admin? The Super Admin is a role of WordPress for multisite that can manage all Network Sites such as adding or deleting subsites, can install plugins and themes, and maintain all users within the multisite. Each admin of subsite has no capabilities like that of the Super Admin, but they can manage users within their subsite, can activate/deactivate the plugin, and change themes. The other pro of multisite is that it can run a single CDN service within the multisite, unlike the single site where we need a different account of CDN for every single site.

WordPress Multisite gives you less-hassle to build new wordpress site that can easily be done, can save money and easily manage users, plugins and themes.

One of the cons of it is when the multisite grows, the responsibilities of the administrator increase also. The Page Speed Loading may affect the whole site depending on the traffic on one site. When the multisite becomes bigger, the admin of the site needs to upgrade their servers to be fully functional. Some plugins have great features but are not compatible with multisite. Sometimes when plugins are not working, the main site and subsite will be down. The other con of the Multisite is the themes. Whenever a customization has been done on the theme for one subsite, the other subsite that also uses that theme will be affected.




Multisite is a powerful feature and can help users effortlessly build more than one WordPress site. It requires more responsibilities than the Single WordPress Site. If you need assistance or want to develop your WordPress Multisite, the Portal Integrators team is here for you. Portal Integrators has already created and maintained a great Multisite for one of our clients.

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