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I learned web designing during college, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But getting into the field of web development made me realize that there is more to it. Learning to develop a properly functioning website is not an easy task and can be quite confusing at times. That is why getting into a development team is an essential part of being a web developer, anytime we get stuck or confused we can get the support we need to get ourselves unstuck.

Being a web developer goes much further beyond than just developing websites. We need to collaborate and interact with our peers for better output, communicate with our clients to achieve a specific goal, and most importantly we make our client’s vision a reality.  

Being a web developer goes much further beyond than just developing websites

The main part of being a web developer is to code. Learning to code is not simple, we may have to invest a lot of our time with trial and error, and with reading. Do not ever be afraid to ask, because not all of us knows every bit of code we can use in creating a website. It is also okay to copy codes from other sources as long as we understand how it works, as it will serve as new learning. Always look for a way to improve our code. Nowadays there is a lot of tools available to help us improve our coding and efficiency in developing a good website.

It is essential to present your work to others, no matter how bad you think it is. There is no perfect website, by presenting your work to others you can get ideas on what went right and what went wrong. Though you do not have to wait until you are finished before presenting it to others, it is recommendable to present your work half way. Getting the ideas half way of your work saves you time when there are changes to be made. And also look for design trends, check other websites not to copy their design but just to have a general idea of what viewers like the most.

As technology improves, web design and web features keep on changing. We have to keep enhancing our skills and adapt to these changes. At times even, an experienced web developer may need to go back and learn from scratch.

The scope of web development is truly boundless with plenty of opportunities to grow.

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