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A Stand-Up Meeting


Most of the meetings are done in a formal setup where all of the attendees are seated and have notes on. But have you ever heard of a meeting where all of you are standing? In a scrum, it is a daily routine. It is called Daily Scrum or the Daily Stand-Up, and it happens every day except the day of planning, and it is time-boxed for 15 minutes.

Here in Portal Integrators, we did this every 11 AM in the morning. In daily stand-up, the Scrum Master leads this Scrum event. He/She asks the team about the three things: First is, what have you done yesterday? Second, What will you do today? And lastly, are there any impediments?

In a scrum, it is a daily routine. It is called Daily Scrum or the Daily Stand-Up, and it happens every day except the day of planning, and it is time-boxed for 15 minutes.

Each team member is asked these questions, once they have told what was done on their items, the Scrum Master’s duty is to enter the points done to the Burndown chart. This chart is always updated so that the team monitors their progress every sprint. But, before the DSU, the what we called Product Owner should test their items first and once it meets the acceptance test, the item can be moved and changed its status to ‘Done.’

The second question is to check what is the status of the in-progress stories that the team is working on. It is essential to know the progress of their work so that if someone needs help from others, they can address it here during this time.




The last question is to know if there are things that blocked the team, and if there are some, Scrum Master has to remove those impediments and helped the team to go on with their items. It is needed to know this thing so that in the first place, it can be solved early rather than knowing about this at the end of the sprint. And sometimes if that happens, cramming takes place.

This 15-minute meeting is significant in Scrum because things are talked about early as possible, and the team monitors each progress, and they are aware if they needed to double their efforts especially if the sprint end is nearly coming.

Sometimes, when it’s DSU time, Team Awesome don’t want to stand-up especially if they know that they haven’t done any items yet. And most likely, before 11 AM they tried to finish their items so that it can be included in the Burn down chart and their points will be reduced. 😀
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