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Looking Forward to Retrospective


Haven’t heard the word “retrospective”? Maybe in some company, this isn’t the term they’re using, but in the most web development company, it is very popular most especially if they are using Scrum process like we do. A retrospective is another term for the meeting, where employees gathered together to talk about a specific topic but retrospective is somehow different. In meetings, sometimes it happens once in a while if there were really important to talk about, but in retro, it happens once in a week or what we called the sprint before another sprint starts.

The agenda of retro is about all the things that happened the last sprint. Team members are gathered together to talk about it and discuss items that everyone should know. It is usually time-boxed for one hour and the Scrum Master is the assigned person to conduct Sprint Retrospective.

A retrospective is essential for every company because it gives you time to talk about the things related the last sprint so that you can be prepared for the new sprint.

Here in Portal Integrators, we have our retro every Tuesday before our day ends. It is usually after the sprint end and before the new sprint begins. We had this after our lunch, for about one hour, starting 2 PM to 3 PM. The first thing that we discussed in retro is about the items that need to be addressed before the new sprint, so that everyone from the team will know. The second part of it is identifying our happiness metric for the company, team, and for each role. It is rated from 1-5. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. You should also state the reason why you give a low rate so that ways to improve it is identified.

The most important part of the retrospective is answerable by the 3 questions: first, what went wrong last sprint? There you should tell the things that have done wrong last sprint or the things that make it wrong. The second question is, what went right? Here you’ll say all the things that have done right last sprint, you can also tell here the things that you learn that let you gain more knowledge. And the last one is, what is the improvements you’ll make for the next sprint? Of course, if there are things that go wrong, we should always let it improve for the wrong to be prevented and avoid.


A retrospective is essential for every company because it gives you time to talk about the things related the last sprint so that you can be prepared for the new sprint. It is also the time to voice out everything you wanted to say in the team. Opinions and suggestions are also welcome here. It is really a best practice before moving forward to the new work that a team will be facing. A retrospective is a must to look-forward.

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