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Christmas is on its Way


Christmas is definitely in the air. We can feel its presence as of now. Most of the people during these days are very busy in preparation for the incoming Christmas. Most of them went shopping to buy gifts and to the supermarket to buy foods for Noche Buena or Christmas Eve. Many children start to go caroling this month too. They go to every house to sing Christmas songs.  

This time of the year before the actual exchange gifts for Christmas, there is this Filipino thing called “Monito and Monita” or the Kris Kringle or Secret Santa that starts during the first week of December. This gift-giving tradition is usually done by family members, friends, classmates, and workmates. Its mechanics were. First, you’re going to list all the participant’s name, and each will pick. You should never reveal who is your monito or monita. Sometimes they use a code name so that they don’t have a clue on who it was.  Each day there was a theme for Kris Kringle like “something long,” etc. 

Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting.

Thomas S. Monson

Team Awesome will not miss this tradition. We also have this last week and we started with “something reminiscent of childhood”, all of us were very excited to receive our first gift and it was really fun because we don’t know who picked us since we used code name, we just put the gifts on the table with the code name on it, and we’ll just get the one for us. The next day our theme was “something round.” The following day it was “something that you need to insert,” and for the fifth day, our theme was “something sour.” Each day we have something to look for because of this “Monito and Monita,” and it was exciting.  We’ll continue this until our Christmas Party on December 17, 2017. 




For now, we’re planning on what we’ll do for our Christmas Party. Maybe we’re going to celebrate it simply, but we’ll surely enjoy. We’re planning to have lunch in a restaurant, and maybe we can also have our exchange gifts there. And after that, we can go to the cinema to watch a movie that is showing this month. The team will be planning on that this week, and we can’t wait for that day to happen because we’re all looking forward to that. But we should not also forget that Christmas is not about that, we should remember that it is the celebration because our Christ was born. 

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