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Perks of Working at a Startup Company


Working in a startup can be fun and challenging. It can be an ideal job for everyone since you’ll be exposed to many things and you’ll be given many opportunities. Some fresh grads consider working in this setup becauseof the tasks that await to them that will help them practice the skills they learned from school. I’m not saying that it is for fresh grads only, what I’m saying is everyone should experience working at a Startup because of the advantages that some of the experienced employees may not experience in the company they’re working to.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs

First on the list is, you’ll learn a LOT. Yes! From my experience working here in Portal Integrators. I can say that I have learned many things here. Since it’s a startup, you have the opportunity to learn everything that is related to Web Development. You’ll not just focus on one thing. For example, you apply for a specific position in a big company, of course, you only do the task that is related to that position, and you’ll be boxed on it. But in a startup, since there are only a few of you working, you must learn everything. You can be a front-end developer, you can work back-end, you can also do some technical support if needed and you can be a content producer too. Working in a startup will allow you to branch out into other areas. You will not get stuck on one task, and you will be able to explore many things. It can help you grow not just a person but as an employee too. Above all the technical skills that you’ll learn in Startup, you can also improve yourself here, or you can develop your personal skills. Because in a startup, you will become more responsible and understand the importance of time management. Most especially you will learn the value of hard work.




Lastly, you’ll work in an awesome work environment. Dress code is not an issue here. You can wear comfortable clothes like jeans and shirts. You can also go to work with just a sandals on. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have corporate attire and you don’t need to wash uniforms every other day since it’s a requirement in some company. You can also eat while working. Just I mention from the previous blog that was published last week. You can have candies beside your desk and take those, especially when feeling sleepy. You can also have pizza and a can of coke or a cup of coffee too to boost your morale. These things will also help you work comfortably and motivated.

Second, your work will be recognized, and you will be appreciated. Sometimes in a big company, chances are your hard work will get ignored and they will not recognize you easily since there are many of you. But in a startup, a job well done is appreciated and they will notice it. They also give credit to your work, and if you succeed in a task given to you, the small team you belong will recognize it instantly.

There are also some other advantages you can consider for working in a Startup not mention above; I just give you some of those. There are cons too but let’s just focused on the bright side of it because it is always a great experience being part of Startup.

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