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Sprint End Celebration


After a week of workloads, everyone deserves to treat themselves to a movie or delicious and satisfying food. It’s one way of relaxing and unwinding that can also help in boosting each morale. 

Every end of the sprint, here in Portal Integrators the team celebrates it by going out to have dinner or by ordering food in fast food chains and even watching movies. 

Life is too short not to celebrate nice moments.

– Jurgen Klopp

Last time, the team went to Café Bernardo for the two consecutive sprint end, to have snacks and coffee there. The ambiance of the place was so cozy and relaxing. The food was also excellent especially their frappe. The team bought their frappe for just Php 129 for 2, since it’s a buy 1 take one promo.  We also enjoyed their nachos; it’s delicious and cheesy. We even did some chitchats in Café Bernardo.




Sometimes the team is watching movies in Cinemas. And when we have free time, in office, we also watch movies. We even watched the horror movie, Anabelle. The doll was terrifying and made us all scream. Last week’s sprint-end, we watched the movie Coming Soon while having our burgers and fries that we ordered from Army Navy. The movie made us all focus on watching since every scene was very suspenseful and thrilling. Just seeing the face of the ghost there made us remember it even before going to bed. After the horror movie, we watched the 3 Idiots to help us forget a little about the movie Coming Soon. 3 Idiots was a fun movie, but at the same time it gives and teaches a lesson. There’s a line that the protagonist always says, “All is well” and it set in our minds. 

Sprint-End celebration is the team’s way of de-stressing and having fun after a week of many backlog items. We always do it every time so that we can make sure that we’re not getting burned out. Having those activities also help us to improve each enthusiasm and have a healthy team relationship. 

Sometimes the team ordered foods from Jollibee, Mcdo, KFC, Greenwich, Chowking. We ordered rice meals with fries in those fast food chains mention earlier. We also made a delivery of pizza or burgers in Shakey’s, Yellow Cab, and Army Navy. Maybe we’ve even tried all the fast food nearby. Sometimes, we grab drinks in Starbucks like their frappucino and iced cold coffee drinks.  

The team also decided to have dinner out last time. We went to Shakey’s and ordered Carbonara with Blue Lemonade. The solo order of carbonara can fit for two persons, but we ordered 1 for each so, in the end, we had a hard time finishing our food, and we felt already full.

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