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Team Awesome Onboarding New Members


Every company has its own way of welcoming newly hired employees. Of course, the first step when somebody officially starts to work is attending the orientation to be familiar with the company, it’s policies and the nature of work that he/she will be part of. That’s definitely what every company do for the new employees before they actually start to work, they brief them so that they have background and knowledge to the Company’s culture. And yes, we also did the same thing but, it is in a different way.

We even celebrated it during our sprint end by having pizzas, spaghetti and a liter of coke.

Here in Portal Integrators, the first thing we do is by giving them the welcome kit or should I say the things that they might use in work. It includes a flash drive, Portal Integrators notebook, pens and their uniforms. Then after orienting the new ones with the company policies, benefits, we also make them familiar with Scrum methodology that we are using. We let them read the scrum guides first so that they will know what Scrum is. After getting familiar with Scrum, we introduced them to the websites we are developing like the client’s websites and especially to our own website.On their first day, we didn’t give them work yet but instead we let them be familiar with the process and of course, we had introduced each of ourselves and welcomed them wholeheartedly and let them feel they are part of the family.

Upon getting the thoughts of the new members they said that it is really nice being part of the team because we will be taken care of here at Portal Integrators. Because just last week, we have received another package from Seattle, and the new members were very happy from the goods that they received and they are very thankful for it.

In the past weeks, we had welcomed four new members in the team. We even celebrated it during our sprint end by having pizzas, spaghetti and a liter of coke. But that’s not the end of it, the team is also planning to go out this week, to watch movies and grab some foods and drinks. By doing so, we also make them feel special and that’s also the time where we can catch up in different things to make us more familiar with each other and make them feel comfortable with us. In that way, we also make our bond strong.

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